Canonical URL Support

Created by Craig Sumner on 02-12-2014

A canonical page is the preferred version of a set of page with highly similar content. For Ittrium websites, this can also indicated the preferred URL for a single page that support multiple URLs.

Ittrium web pages support a variety of URLs that can be used to access a web page. By default, Ittrium web pages always include a URL that can be used to reference the page by it's encoded key. For example, the following URL can be used to access this blog post.


Ittrium also support other URL formats such as vanity URLs. Vanity URLs are easier to read and remember. The following URL is the vanity URL for this same post.


You may also have additional pages on your website that reference similar content or possibly a mobile website with a separate sub domain that includes content that is shared across two separate subdomains. For example, you're site could include the following two URLS.

Desktop site:
Mobile site:

In all cases, you can use the new canonical URL feature to uniquely identify the preferrred page that Google and other search engines should index.

If you're interested in learning more about canonical URLs you can reference Google Engineer Matt Kutz's writeup and video that explains the importance of canonical links.

You can also watch the following video to learn how you can add canonical links to your Ittrium website to improve how your web pages are indexed by search engines.  This feature is available in Ittrium CMS version 8.3.40.  If you're using an earlier version of our software and would like to use this new feature, please contact support and request an upgrade.

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