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Created by Craig Sumner on 02-25-2014

Here's the problem.

You just hired a web developer to build a custom application for your Joomla website. The developer underestimated the work by a mile and now you’re so deeply invested in his unique solution that you’re stuck renegotiating the final bill. You finally agree on payment terms knowing that both parties are losing on this deal. You hastily launch the incredibly over-due application only to have the VP later discover that the application will not scale and is missing a few key features. You're sure that some of these features should be easy, but your developer who has now changed employers tells you that you're out of your mind and he no longer has time to work on your project. You soon find that your web developer is not returning your calls and discover he was hit by a bus and is no longer in the programming business. Time to contact another developer.

Your next developer knows nothing about Joomla and your previous developer left no documentation about the application nor comments in his code.  Consequently, the new developer blithely recommends rebuilding the application (and your entire site) on another platform that's “free”.  You don't know the difference between Droomla or Jupal, but it doesn't matter since you're now out of cash and the developer’s time is far more expensive than his predecessor.  You decide to hire your nephew who knows something about mobile website development plus he needs the experience in order to buy a new Xbox. Two years go by, your secretary is now your VP, and you’re still stuck with an expensive web application that does not work the way you need it to work.

We've heard these stories and actually participated in some of them. That's why we developed Freeform.

Imagine if you could . . .

  1. Obtain an accurate estimate for software development work.
  2. Reduce the development time for any web application by a factor of 10.
  3. Deploy web applications to any web site running on any platform.
  4. Integrate web applications with any Restful API or SQL Database.
  5. Access your application data in any format from anywhere.
  6. Upgrade your web application any time and know that it will work.
  7. Enjoy spending some time fishing with your nephew rather than arguing about programming.

We imagined all that too. Then we built it.

Freeform takes the guesswork out of web application development. Over the next several weeks, I'll show you how.

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