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Created by Craig Sumner on 04-06-2015

I know I've communicated with a number of you regarding this change from Google, but in case I haven’t connected with you I wanted to make sure that you were aware that Google will be altering their search ranking algorithms to add additional weight for mobile friendly websites for mobile searches on April 21st of this year.  I’ve included a link to the Google announcement below in case you are interested.

This article contains a link that you can use to test your current site to see if Google thinks your site is mobile friendly or not.   If you're running a more traditional website, the chances are you will be scored as “Not mobile-friendly” by Google.

If you’re concerned about the scoring of your site, please give me a call to discuss your options.  One easy option is to migrate your current website into our new responsive website framework that is available for use by our customers.  The work required to convert your site to our responsive website design depends on the number of web pages and complexity of your website, but the effort is significantly less than building a new mobile or responsive website from scratch.

I also did some additional research and came across the following article that answered a number of questions I had regarding this change by Google.  I’ve included a link to the writeup below for those of you who are interested.

The biggest takeaway from this article for me is that this change effects mobile search results and not the more traditional search results from a personal computer or laptop.  That being said, it’s probably still a good idea to start thinking about your mobile website presence since it’s only a matter of time until mobile search results eclipse traditional search results for your site.  If you’re unsure about your need for a mobile friendly site, you should consider reviewing your website analytics to determine what percentage of your website traffic is coming from mobile devices.  It's then simple math to determine how many website visitors are frustrated trying to find the information they need on your website.

If you have questions about the Google changes or would like to learn more about our new responsive website framework, please contact me anytime at your convenience.  You can reach me on my cell at 952.215.7909 or by email.

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