SEO Doctor is a free Firefox plug-in that helps you quickly identify problem areas in your web page that affect search page rank.  If you're not using Firefox, you can download it using the following link.

Download the latest version of Firefox.

Once you have Firefox installed, install the SEO Doctor Plug-in.  This tools is extremely simple to use and gives you a quick diagnosis of your web page structure as seen through the eyes of a search engine.

Download the SEO Doctor Firefox Plug-in.

Once installed, you'll find a small icon in the bottom left corner of your browser.  When you're on a web page, SEO Doctor grades your web page structure instantly.  A grade of 100% is a perfect score.  If your score is anything less then there is work to do.

Yesterday's post covered the top seven web page changes you can make to improve your search engine placement.  The SEO Doctor gives you an easy way to identify SEO related problems on a web page that need to be addressed.

Here's a quick video that shows you how SEO Doctor works.