If you have a web site, you've probably thought about search engine optimization for improving the visibility of your web pages for "organic" unpaid search results which happen to be the search results that are most often clicked.

There is plenty of competition for the first page in Google, Yahoo, Bing or any other search engine.  If you're not on page one, the odds of someone clicking your link drops dramatically.  There's further evidence that you not only need to be on page one of the search results, but you also need to be listed in the first three links.

So if you're putting in the effort to improve your organic search engine rank, then why not start thinking about Search Click Optimization.  If SEO is the process of improving your organic search rank, then SCO is the process of creating search links that match the intent of the searcher to increase your odds of a click.  

Getting on page one of Google for a keyword is hard enough, so take the time to think about the searchers intent and provide copy in your search link that matches their intent so you can improve your click percentage for your organic search results.