It begins with understanding what your site needs to do.

Web designers and developers can produce a site that engages visitors, drives more traffic, and generates more conversions.  That's true for most any site, but what about your site?  How can your site speed sales processes?  Would you like to collect feedback from customers?  Allowing customers to submit orders online saves data entry time and form validation avoids costly mistakes.  If you could use your website to streamline your work, what would you have it do? 

Ittrium CMS is an important part of the production team.  Ittrium has already created all the complicated coding to help website projects get completed faster, better and more reliably than a traditional development process.  There’s no code to write.

The look and feel of the site.

This is a muddy, difficult task.  EVERYONE has an opinion of what the site should look like.  While we can't help you get consensus from the team on what's 'perfect', we can assure you that no matter what design you decide on, the Ittrium CMS won't limit your creativity.

The Ittrium CMS can accommodate any design you can dream up.  And perhaps more importantly, we can help you maintain it.  The Ittrium CMS allows non-techy types to make site edits, but not at the expense of trashing your graphic designer's vision.

The site launch.

The launch of a new or redesigned site is always exciting. Lots of hard work and many hours pouring over the details of your content become visible to your customers in an instant.  The launch can be a source of stress for developers.  A lot may be riding on the site's success.  Did they find EVERY bug?  Will the server hold up to the demand?  Will everything work just the way it did on the test server.

Ittrium can alleviate much of that stress.  Our army of cloud-based servers has been tested to operate to the highest standards in the industry.  Our code is battle-tested and ready to to take your company to market. 

Throughout the site’s life,

Ittrium continually updates our software, based on current trends and customer requests.  All customers have free access to new and improved features.  Ittrium also provides incomparable support and training, so non-technical staff can easily adapt the site with our personalized step-by-step video instructions that we create specifically for your website.  Plus, users can always talk to real people or contact us by email.

There isn’t another CMS with comprehensive features, end-user controls, and flexibility that simplifies and optimizes site use and management:

  • Test new ideas, and quickly turn them on or off;
  • Choose from a complement of page layouts that make it easy to create and update pages and maintain site integrity;
  • Complete projects in days instead of weeks and months;
  • Manage the site with non-technical support staff;
  • Save time with SEO already integrated into the publishing process;
  • Create and update content (video, text, images, tables) easily;
  • Secure the site with multiple layers of access control and permissions;
  • Foster visitor engagement with easy-to-add modules (email, blog, polls, surveys);
  • Leverage built-in analytics to monitor page performance for opportunities to improve content on non-performing pages.