Because self-reliance is a beautiful thing.

No more waiting for internal IT or outsourced help.  Our CMS support and training videos help non-technical staff make routine changes.  But, when the volume and complexity of changes require more sophisticated technical proficiency, our maintenance plans fill the gap at discounted rates for a predetermined volume of work.  No worries.  No budget surprises.  No waiting.

General Uses

  • adding sites
  • redesigning current architecture
  • creating new page layouts
  • migrating an existing site’s content to new sites
  • developing custom web-based applications
  • importing excel spreadsheets

Engagement boosters:

  • adding an in-house blog or a moderated discussion forum
  • updating sites to Web 2.0
  • adapting sites for mobile access
  • gathering user responses
  • streaming videos from third-parties
  • integrating sites with YouTube, Facebook and Twitter
  • adding RSS feeds
  • integrating Google or MapQuest maps with sites
  • adding “share this page” features
  • making sites multilingual
  • creating online surveys, instant polls and other custom forms.


In addition, learning what pages might need adjusting is critical for improving site effectiveness.  Our maintenance plans include installing Google Analytics and other tracking scripts.

Other changes covered by our maintenance plans include handling one-off or time-consuming content-related tasks, integrating content from other sites and adding:

  • permissions and security settings, such as custom workflows and editorial processes for changing content
  • customized templates for automated PDF generation of your website content
  • new users to client portals
  • integration of Google Calendar and other iCal enabled calendar solutions
  • visual effects such as dynamic slide shows, new “skin”, support for multiple font sizes, and Photoshop service to re-size or enhance images