After beginning to build our content management system (CMS) with open source technology and recommended standards in 1999, we officially founded Ittrium in 2001.  You could say that Ittrium is both thriving and evolving, since we are continually tweaking and nurturing our core CMS product and adding new capabilities into our content management software.  We’ve also made our CMS easier to use and expanded our network of carefully selected hosting partners.

We have been fortunate to work with clients who have challenged us and partners that have helped us grow. The following timeline is a sample representation of those relationships and our progress.


Upgrade of all client websites to Zurb Foundation 6.4 which is now our default responsive framework for all website products that we develop.  This ensures that client websites and web applications work equally well on all devices.


Full 3rd party API support allowing for easy integration with 3rd party platforms including Stripe for PCI compliant credit card processing, Taxjar for accurate state sales tax calculations and more.


Freeform is fully integrated into our responsive website framework allowing us to deploy custom web applications to any browser or any device.


Officially launch Ittrium freeform web application and form development platform.


Begin migration to Server Central, a cloud-based environment, for easier scaling.


Develop dashboard technology for customers who want to quickly and easily create custom web-based applications; basis for collecting data and selecting parameters to create reports.


Develop online shopping cart for National Checking Company to push online orders into their ERP system.

Spectrum Plastics Group becomes a client.


PeopleNet becomes a client, using our CMS for three separate language websites websites plus their partner extranet.


MetaLogics becomes a client; we develop software for collecting data from their calorie collection device and shipping to cloud, becoming the first iteration of our dashboard technology.


Accounting firm HLB Tautges Redpath integrates our CMS with Hummingbird Document Management software for a portal used by 2,500 customers to upload their financial data for tax preparation.

Metafile becomes a client, using our CMS for two public websites ( and  Both sites leverage Ittrium's integration technology to provide access to Metafile's customer support software.

2007 integration is completed adding E-Commerce functionality to our CMS.


NetNation becomes our first hosting partner who provides fully managed web servers.  Client websites are migrated from co-location infrastructure to NetNation

Tesh Media becomes a client; Ittrium deploys 10,000 page website in less 6 weeks for less than 1/3 of the costs of competitors.


Affinety Solutions integrates Ittrium CMS with their software to provide new content management tools for K-12 education websites.


Minnesota Billiards magazine became Ittrium’s first hosted customer in our new co-location facility;  upgrades and updates became easier with no packaged releases.

Avanstar offers private labeled version of Ittrium CMS named Metro.


Kohl’s licenses Ittrium CMS software for employee intranet solutions which include an online merchant calendar for managing corporate tasks and events from corporate level all the way down to individual stores.


Ittrium Incorporates


Initial development begins to build a web based solution to allow state epidemiologist to publish content related to infectious disease control through a subscription based portal.