Coffee Talk - Topic 3

Create User-Friendly Input Forms with Gizmos and Grids

Topics Covered

1. Grid Layouts

We go in-depth this week on grid layouts and cover everything from responsive cell size configuration options to seldom used grid container configuration options that can be used to stretch and shrink content elements or align them horizontally and vertically within a grid.

2. Input Forms

We also provide a brief introduction to a sub-type of Grid known as a Dashboard (smart grid) that can be used to build simple to complex input forms by organizing different input Gizmos that can be used to validate and format simple text, email and phone numbers.  There are roughly 50 input Gizmo types supported so we just scratch the service of what can be done with input forms, but this is a good place to start.

We also show how form fields can be easily organized using the same grid layouts that you use to organize content on a web page, and touch briefly on how we aggregate the information that is collected through input form fields you've used and what you can do with the information that is collected.