Coffee Talk - Topic 1

Leverage Navigational Aids to Increase Website Development Productivity

Topics Covered

1. Pilot Visible / Find
This category includes all of the content that can be accessed through Site Pilot hence the name Pilot Visible.  It also includes a single tool named Find that can be used to quickly search and find content that is on the site.

2. Site Map
Provides access to all content elements on the site plus each elements content type, physical ID, plus the number of times the content element is used in the site.

3. Part Palette
Provides quick access to individual parts that are direct children of the content element that you're editing.

4. Mini-Tabs/Edit
Stands for Miniature Editor that provides a composite set of features related to the element you are editing within another element.

5. Contents Tab
Contains a list of all content elements that direct children of the content element you initially edited.  This feature is only available for Category based content elements that contain other content elements.