A full array of development expertise

The Ittrium CMS and FreeForm serve as the engine to our development process, but we recognize that the back-end isn't the end of the story. Without a well-designed interface, clear creative content and compelling visuals your website isn't going to achieve it's full potential. It has to look professional, guide the visitor through their visit flawlessly and give them what they need to know. All that, and it also should be easy to find on Google, Bing and Yahoo.

The Ittrium CMS

The Ittrium CMS is the most flexible, advanced development tool in the industry. It allows developers to build applications faster, with less business interruption and debugging required. We can help you get your site live and your product or service to market with all of the functionality you need without complex coding that conventional sites require. When it’s done, feel free to manage it yourself with an easy to understand editing tool backed by video tutorials, a knowledge base and live support professionals.

Graphic Design

Hard-core coders are rarely as adept at creating cool, cutting-edge graphic designs as they are at coding complex business programs. Your site can have all the functionality in the world, but it’s pointless if your customers can’t understand it, or just won’t use it. We have graphic designers that understand what makes a website effective as well as fashionable. Their experience with the Ittrium CMS allows them to take advantage of the many built-in components and how to utilize the flexibility to provide your viewers with a user-experience they'll enjoy and be happy to return to.

Copy Writing and Editing

For many of our clients this is a major stumbling block in completing their site. While you may have the greatest insight into your business, it can be difficult to put it all into words. We can help. Our copy writers and editors can break down complex concepts and the subtle nuances that set your business apart from your competitors.  We’ll take your message to the proper audience and create engaging, compelling text. In addition, because of our writer’s understanding of the Ittrium CMS they can structure the text to improve your search engine rankings.

Search Engine Optimization

For most websites, being present and visible in the first few pages of the search engines is first priority. Unfortunately, the algorithms that they use to rank sites are often a moving target. Understanding your audience and how they search will greatly affect how your site needs to be structured. The Ittrium CMS has always been built to provide the most search engine accessible web pages possible. Knowing what to say, where to say it and how to convince the search engines that you are the most relevant site for your expertise is key to search engine ranking success.