We take the success of our client's very seriously. It's our goal to revolutionize our customer's expectations. When we speak to you about developing site on the Ittrium CMS we're dedicated to finding ways of improving processes, decreasing workloads, saving time, generating new business and generally providing you with solutions you might not have imagined.

In many ways our success depends on your success. That's why we've built our CMS and the new Dashboard application builder to create virtually any type of application you might need or can imagine.

Take a look at some of our success stories below for examples of how we've changed the way our clients use their website to generate new business, interact with their customers and build their businesses.

E-Business Director Fortune 100 Manufacturer and President - MNBilliards.com

I have been in technology for over 17 years. Of that, I have been working with Internet technologies since 1989. I've launched several major Internet properties, and have had multi-million dollar budgets to implement major Web portals for Fortune 100 corporations and Internet start-ups alike. So when I wanted to launch my own Internet business, I knew what the pitfalls and expense/revenue ratios were. (It can be awful). I knew I needed a solution where content management and publication could be done without a staff of developers and designers, as well as having a technology that could be cost-effectively and rapidly deployed. As a small business, it was critical that cost of ownership and life-cycle maintenance costs were extremely low.

I found Ittrium at a time where I was gathering cost proposals from custom Web development houses. The estimates for minor functionality were way outside of my budget, and they certainly weren't solving my content management and publication problems. Upon meeting with Ittrium, and getting a demonstration of the Ittrium product, I knew I had found my solution. Even with extensive experience in evaluating and making major software purchases telling me I was crazy, I signed the purchase order with them a day after the demo.

Unbelievably, a week after making my Ittrium purchase, my site was launched. A week after that my site was relaunched with my branding/look and feel. I spent an evening putting up content, and promoted at my first major event less than 3 weeks after buying Ittrium. I was able to come to market so fast, and so nimbly, that the one competitor I had threw in the towel and signed a co-marketing agreement with me.

I will sell my first advertising customer within a month of my Ittrium demo. That is the fastest time-to-revenue I have experienced in all of my 17 years in this industry.

When I come in to my day job, and show my Internet Implementation staff the pace at which I can do web creation and publication (I am not a developer), they walk away amazed and depressed because they know that the tools we have at our corporation take months and many dollars to implement a change I can do in less than 3 minutes in Ittrium. I am literally doing the same amount of work that I have three direct reports, and four developers doing at my employer's, in my spare time evenings and weekends.

The only thing that Ittrium will have a challenge with is that technology personnel in companies such as mine think that Ittrium's too good to be true. They're so trained that Web development is expensive and painful, that Ittrium can't be real. I think that companies who can get over that mentality, and make the very wise decision to select this product and this company (great customer-focused company, by the way), will get immediate return-on-value, and dramatically decrease their cost and risk of implementing Web properties.

Bottom line?

My last Web portal launched for my employer:

  • Major e-business technology platform with major industry content management solution
  • 6 months development
  • $1.2M in services
  • Over $1M in software
  • $10,000/month hosting
  • Six months time to revenue
  • Support staff: seven people ongoing

My "night job" launched with Ittrium?

  • $400/month hosted Ittrium Webmaster service
  • Less than $5,000 in services
  • 1 content person part time 
  • 1 week of creative design assistance. 
  • 1/2 person ongoing for maintenance
  • Less than one month time to revenue (would have been less had I been full time).

Graphic Designer

"In my opinion, Ittrium does a great job of separating design from the development necessary to make a web site look and feel the way I want it. Ittrium just made my design work without any creative compromise."

Business Owner - neuromics.com

"I did some early consulting for Ittrium. I was so impressed with Ittrium's web tools, I bought them for Neuromics. It is the best and easiest solution for adding, managing and changing content for a growing, product driven company."

Graphic/Web Designer

"I had the opportunity to work with Craig and Ittrium to build several websites for my clients. Craig is extremely knowledgeable about his product and service and an absolute delight to work with. He and his team can be relied on to provide exceptional customer service quickly and thoroughly. He's a partner you can depend on!"

Web Design Agency Partner

"I have had the pleasure of working with Craig over several years. I first met him when we needed a nimble Web Content Management vendor for a client site I was developing. I've since had the pleasure of partnering with him on several web projects. He and the crew at Ittrium are smart, fast, and competitively priced. When I recommend Craig and Ittrium's services to one of my own clients, I can be sure that they'll receive the same level of care that I would deliver myself. Always a pleasure to work with. Always within budget. And always on time!"